Viral Referral PHP Script V2.0

With “Viral Referral Script” you can force every site visitor who wants items on your site to spread your site’s links. You simply add any items on your site and determine the number of points needed to get the item. Then visitors will not get the items they want before they have sufficient points.

To get points, visitors must copy and spread the referral link. Registration is not required. This will make your site viral and get unlimited visitors.

How it works?

A.) Visitors enter your website where you post several items that must be redeemed with a certain number of points to get the item. Items can be anything: Download, Giveaway (Paypal/Amazon gift card), Video, Ebook, Discount/Voucher, etc.

B.) A referral link is generated for each visitor based on their cookie/browser IP.

C.) Visitors must copy and spread their referral link to get points. They will get 1 point for each visitor. This means that if one of your items must be redeemed with 1200 points to get it, then they must drive at least 1200 visitors to your website.
If one visitor has to invite 1200 other visitors, then you can imagine how many visitors you will get after that. It sounds great!

D.) After a visitor gets enough points to redeem an item, the visitor will be directed to the link that you set in the admin panel: PPD, PPI/CPI, CPA offer, Download, Paying URL shortener, etc. So you don’t have to give a real gift to them.

User: admin | Password: admin

Chagelog (20/12/2019):

– Fixed a small issue on the site name.
– Increased click fraud protection: Click from visitor’s with the same IP, Cookies, Sessions and direct click without referrer will not be counted.



The Viral Referral Script that runs on Autopilot because it requires little work as simply just set it and your traffic will increase in a few days!

Visitors who come through the referral link will pass through the verification page, the number of clicks will not be counted for visitors with the same IP or visitors who cannot pass this page.

The viral referral can share your links on the Internet will create backlinks and social signals automatically and increase your ranks in the search engines.

Simple interface and quickly allows any person of any age to see how it works in a few minutes.

The admin panel allows you to create, edit and delete your gifts or rewards with simple clicks. Add a new page, Insert ad code,  see the total number of active/inactive referrals. etc


  • MySQL (version 5 or higher)
  • PDO and MySQLI extension
  • PHP (Min: version 5.6 or higher
  • Apache Mod_Rewrite Enabled
  • GD extension (captcha protection


  1. Create a MySQL database and a MySQL user (with full permissions).
  2. Extract downloaded file
  3. Open “Upload/include/db.php” with your favorite text editor.
  4. Edit your MySQL database information and save.
    1.    Hostname = normaly localhost
    2.    DBusername = your mysql username
    3.    DBpassword = your mysql password
    4.    DBname = your mysql database name
  5. Import/execute the SQL file located in “SQL_File/SQL.sql”.
  6. Upload files present on “Upload” folder to your website using ftp or file manager in your hosting’s control panel

Access the admin panel

– Visit:
– Login using default username: admin and default password: passadmin
– For security reasons, please change your default username or password by navigating the “Settings -> Administrator