Paid To Invite PHP Script

Paid To Invite is an amazing system where you will be paid real money just by inviting friends via your referral link.There are two ways to make money from inviting friends with this system:

■  Get paid from each visitor
All you need to do is to send a visitor to our site via your referral link, you just need to create an account, then copy your referral link. Spread the referral link anywhere to get visitors, you will be paid every time the referral link gets visitors.

■  Get paid per referral sign up
You will get paid from every friend that joins using your referral link and they also join this referral program.

What are the benefits for the site owner?

The site owner can make money from advertising and from user fees joining the site referral program.
Let’s say the cost to join the referral program is $10, and the commission for users who successfully invite other users to join the referral program is $5. Then the profit that the site owner can get from one user is $5.
Note, only users who have already paid a fee to join the referral program will get commission from every other user they invite.

Imagine, site owner not only benefit from the cost of users joining the referral program but also from ads placed on the site. And the site will potentially become viral with a Paid per Visitor system where users will spread the site link everywhere to get visitors.


■  Front-end:
User: demo | Password: demo1234

* Please register a new account instead of a demo account.

■  Admin Panel:
User: admin | Password: admin

*All changes in demo mode will not be saved.

■  Paypal Sandbox Account:
Password: _d_,+@K3

* Only for the purpose of testing the payment when joining the referral program.


■  Per IP Account Limit
User with the same IP and Cookies cannot create multiple accounts.

■  Click Praud Protection
Only valid clicks are counted. Valid clicks are calculated based on IP, Cookies, and Visitor’s Session.

■  Stop Referrer Spam
You can see the referrer from every click to the user’s referral link in the admin panel and block it if needed. Blocked referrers will be redirected to other sites as specified.

■  Custom Payment Method
Add any payment method for site users and specify the minimum payment threshold for each payment method.

■  And more….
One Click Account Create, Withdraw Request, Payment/Account Settings, Ban/Unban Users, Pay/Reject withdrawal request, etc.


Minimum server requirements are required. Almost all hosting’s server support this.

■  MySQL (version 5 or higher)
■  PDO and MySQLI extension
■  PHP (Min: version 5.6 or higher)
■  Apache Mod_Rewrite Enabled
■  GD extension (captcha protection)


The installation process is easy and doesn’t require a lot of time.

■  Create a MySQL database and a MySQL user (with full permissions).
■  Extract downloaded file
■  Open “Upload/-app/-db.php” with your favorite text editor.
■  Edit your MySQL database information and save.

Hostname = normaly localhost
DBusername = your mysql username
DBpassword = your mysql password
DBname = your mysql database name

■  Import/execute the SQL file located in “SQL_File/SQL.sql”.
■  Upload files present on “Upload” folder to your website using ftp or file manager in your hosting’s control panel

That is it. You have successfully installed the script.

Access the admin panel
■  Visit:
■  Login using default username: admin and default password: admin
■  For security reasons, please change your default username or password by navigating the “Settings -> Administrator”